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Property Owners

We understand from personal experience the time and effort it takes to maintain a rental property. Finding quality tenants who will provide exceptional care and upkeep of your home is no easy feat.

Your home is your asset which requires high quality, reputable care.

That’s where we come in.

 Evier Properties will be your dream tenant.

We provide outstanding care of your property and more.

What We Offer


Guaranteed Rental Income

When leasing your property to us, you have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease. No headaches with tenants not paying on time and no worries about a tenant losing their job. You will automatically receive your rent payment every month.

Cleaning Sink

Less Wear & Tear

Your property will be cleaned by our professional cleaning staff monthly and thoroughly after each stay. Many landlords are in shock by the condition of their property after a tenant moves out. We make sure your property is always in A+ condition for our guests.

Unpacking Kitchen

High Quality Tenants

We find, screen, and maintain high quality tenants to stay in your home for midterm stays.

Interior Decorations

Professional Design

We professionally design and furnish your space. We will even work with you on upgrades to your property that will benefit you should you ever decide to sell.


Care & Maintenance

We provide outstanding care and maintenance of your home without bothering you. No emergency calls about plumbing issues at 2am.

Get some sleep. We take care of it all so you can relax and collect that passive rental income you originally dreamed of.

Paint Roller

No Costly Tunover

You'll no longer need to deep-clean and re-paint/repair, or advertise and pay listing/commission fees, or have multiple months of vacancies every time a tenant moves out.

How It Works

Interior Design


Contact Us

Decide if Evier Properties

is a good fit for you.

Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.


Sign a Lease

Evier Properties signs a lease with you. We'll design and furnish your property to our professional standards, take care of the marketing, and vet quality tenants.


Relax & Get Paid

Relax and get back to doing what you love most. We'll ensure regular cleaning and general maintenance of your home at no additional cost to you. Just sit back, relax and collect your rent payments!

Interested to learn more about leasing with us?
Contact us today to see if your property qualifies.



Atlanta, Georgia   |   New Orleans, Louisiana


Evier Properties is a partner of the Beyond Corporate Housing Network. 
Beyond CHN is a distinguished nationwide corporate housing network
for individual companies specializing in midterm stays.



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